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Cooperative has been started with few base pragmatic principles in mind. One is being anti-capitalistic, while supporting the cause and roles of movements struggling against oppressive forces in society. Even through this is very ambitious and broad scoped, we believe that with only such goals, motivation can be threaded from to stitch the blanket of courage to act even when the situation is pleading otherwise.

With one immediate goal as producing a proper alternative for gig based ride aggregation systems, while understanding their systematic operations, and empathizing social transport systems, to further tighten their association and democratic decision making - is Uauto/Transfed.

However, we cannot stay ourselves as one product cooperative, when it comes to service industry. We must experiment ourselves to make working/usable products in the following sectors :

No. Industry Area Thrust-able Change Group to be Affected
1 Transport Systems Mobility Social Mobility, Transport Unions
2 Public Health Care Health Informatics Instrumentation, Information delivery Workers
3 Biodiversity Bio-Diversity-Informatics Data Decentralization Citizen Science, Institutions
4 Publication Open Publishing Open Access Local Scientific, Popular Literature
5 Archives Open Archives Participatory Archive Libraries, Museums, Archives
6 Algorithmic Auditing Systems Mathematics, Algorithm Political Awareness as Service Algorithm Designers, Service/Product Companies
7 Participatory City Urban dynamics Inclusive city Citizens
8 GIS/RS Geospatial, Temporal, Thematic Research, Policy, Awareness Research groups, Public
9 Digital Humanities Social Science, Political Economy Story Telling with impactful expressions, facts Public, Social Science Researchers
10 Surveys & Data Collection Social Science Household guidelines, Interaction for Social Measurement Public, Social Science Researchers

Why we need verticals

Each vertical can produce several projects in Coopon's life time. We understood making a product is not only about making a technological stack. It is very much about having social capacity, good understanding the boundary of user base, having a workabale business model tailored for each project based upon the political economy of the undertaken problem. This necessitates a general understanding of socio-political-economy to guide oneself through the maze of being productive and responsible at the same time.

This deeply demands for knowledge in regulation in corresponding industry, why is it shaped so, how can we circumvent in places of socially unjust law. Legal understanding, current status, amendments, updated knowledge, having network of people in close connection having expertise in legal matters becomes essential.

We cannot grow without vision for expansion in diverse fields - all the while without monopoly in business. The vision is currently shaped to prove the reliability and scale of a service tailored for one region and use its popularity to reorganize another cooperative from the movements and unions, and equip them to redeploy with modifications upon understanding the local problem.

That way it is a federation through creation process.

We must understand that wealth lies in the network. It is all about gaining right people through empathy and providing them reliable service.

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