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One of the primary research of Dr.Senthil Babu focuses on Historical analyses of Vernacular mathematics and its implications with respect to memory and how it has influenced the economic aspect of the society until today. With a extensive ground exploration in the research, this project will act as a catalyst to further reinforce Tamil Native Glyph be supported in Unicode and help create manuscripts collected from various researchers.

Members Involved

Project Management

In short this project, will help us learn the process of calligraphy, digitizing it, Glyph creation, Font design, Generation, Validation. We will be using Unicode space, and LaTeX for typesetting the manuscript to digitize it. Thus a diverse skill of font designing, typesetting, typography, font metrics, symbol creation, mapping diacrtics to modern notation and from tamil font to modern notation using python scripts. This explains that the project spans from relearning about Tamil language, while letting us challenge the problem with free software tools with programming skills.


* Skill = Tool + Practice + Patience + Perseverance + Innovative Critical Thinking

No. Skill Members Self Assessed Level
1. Python Scripting (String Manipulation) Mr.Prasanna
2. Drawing, Sketching, Calligraphy Mr.Maniraj
3. Vectorization, Glyph, Fonts Mr.Ganesh * * *
4. Typesetting, LaTeX Mr.Ganesh * * *


Week Date Process Tool Illustration/Demos
0 Agreed Method Workflow Available Workflow
1 Font Drawing Hand + Inkscape Raster, Vector
2 Glyph Creation Fontforge Glyphs
3 Unicode address space hack Fontforge Font Space Hack
4 Font Generation Fontforge Fonts
5 Typesetting - Doc to Spreadsheet(Calc) to TeX LaTeX, Lyx, Kile, Latexila Typesetting with TeX
6 Mapping engish notation to Diacritic Json + Python Dictionary, Search & Replace
7 Mapping modern notation to tamil numerals Json + Python (or) Manual Representation
8 Expert/Researcher Review & Validation Manual, Expert Knowledge Expert Support
9 Font for GUI typesetting tools Fontforge



Name Role
Kamal & Ganesh Communication on both sides
Prasanna & Ragulkanth Python Scripting
Maniraj, Ragulkanth, Kamal, Ganesh Font Crafting, Font Design
Ganesh & Balaji Typesetting, Manuscript digitization


Technical How-To's


Creating a Project, Testing it with Users, and deploying it in the field requires suitable experience and risk taking courage to know whether the application/service are really useful. This requires knowing the target groups and their purpose; addressing challenges and Licenseing the production.

Target Group

  1. Tamil Language Researchers
  2. Tamil Character/Font users


  • Hacking Tamil font Unicode Mapping
  • Manual work to create diacrtics mapping
  • Manual wotk to create created font symbols in place of handwritten symbols
  • Install ShareLatex in LAN for collaborative realtime Typesetting. ( Install without docker )


We will be using OFL after validating the font from researcher/expert reviews, critics, suggestions, ideas. The LaTeX document might serve as a template for further Typesetting Tamil documents - so the repo shall be released with GNU FDL or GPL.

Future Prospects

Participating in the process of vernacular research, lets us understand how state, standards, people, trade, has influenced economy in our past, spanning several centuries. This project experience will help us typeset any Tamil documents as there is no more difficulty than creating a font and using it with diacritics and mapping notations to tamil form. We might create a platform where content writers can able to easily typeset for Tamil narrations, stories, novels, research articles, magazines, etc… With publishers being charging separately for such work, we shall be using open toolchains and resources and reciprocate the utilization by releasing the tool, resource under proper shareable and hack friendly licenses.

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