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Typesetting a document/article/report/thesis using TeX/LaTeX is not conventional, and those who weight quality and alternative comfort process will choose this pathway for publication.

However, one has to navigate through the intricacies and messiness (reality reasons) to use it in the best possible way.

When the work involves playing with font, typesetting is not easier with TeX. The toolchain has to be changed or else some form of converters are required to make the method work.

For instance,

Using MACRO:

Usually, it is unusual to have too many tables in document typesetting. But when such a situation occurs or even for normal typesetting that contains complicated table arrangement, it is not trivial to set up a table environment in TeX/LaTeX. It is where either conventional document processing software shines like LibreOffice Calc or Writer. Else once can use LaTeX based LYX tool for typesetting, where most of the work is done for us.

When there is a situation where we have to manually do the work, thankfully a macro to convert the available table in the spreadsheet into TeX table.

The process :

  1. Download the Macro extension and install in the spreadsheet (writer)
  2. Copy the table to spreadsheet (calc) and from the document (writer) using a special paste tool.
  3. Then run the installed Macro, to get the desired LaTeX table environment as output. Copy it
  4. Paste the generated LaTeX environment to the working LaTeX document.
  5. Compile to check errors (clean unnecessary TeX codes and errors that occurs sometimes)
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