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Knowing Statistics & practicing it is of vital importance to any organization from both its operations and management perspective. Information is becoming more and more statistically important, and are being tightly coupled from applications point of view. Almost every application now has a statistical module. It is becoming normal to learn from acquired data and make some valid predictions, recommendations, to the user. So the shift of making the application not only ease of use, but also to aid the user with timely and reliable feedback as an assistance within the bounds of the applications purpose and design.

Now Data is no more just data alone, it has to be scientific, and thus Data Science. Data Acquisition, Storage, Interpretation, Measurement, Statistics, Inference, Reporting, Visualization, Communication, Sharing & Recommendation are important tools of broader ecosystem.

Data Collection, Survey Tools

No. Name Type Link License
1. Open Data Kit Data Collection Suite ODK Apache 2.0
2. Open Rosa Data Collection Open Rosa ODK NA
3. GeoODK Data Collection Geo ODK NA
4. Kobo Tool Box Data Collection/Survey Kobo Tool Box Apache 2.0
5. Enketo Data Collection Enketo Apache2.0

Statistical Analysis, Data Science Tools

No. Name Type Link License
1. GNU Scientific Library Library GSL GPL
2. GNU PSPP Application PSPP GPLv3
3. Gretl Application, Econometrics gretl GPLv3
4. SciKitLearn Library scikit-learn New BSD
5. Orange Application, DM & ML Orange GPLv3
6. R Application, Library R GPLv2
7. Jamovi Applicaiton, Library Jamovi AGPLv3, GPL2+
8. Shogun Application, Library ShogunToolbox BSD 3 Clause
9. Stan Library, Modeling Stan New BSD, GPLv3
10. Pandas Library Pandas BSD
11. Xarray Library xarray Apache
12. SOFA Application SOFA AGPLv3
13. GNU Data Language Application, Library GDL GPLv2
14. SciPy Library SciPy License
15. Numpy Library NumPy BSD

To Learn DataScience :

Data Visualization

No. Name Type Link License
1. Rawgraphs Vector Data Visualization based on D3 Rawgraphs Apache 2.0