Like Desktop Application Development and Web Application/Service Development, equally vital role is played (sometimes more) by mobile application development. With steady rise in use of Smart Phones that has high degree of interaction with the end user, because of its interface, multitude of communication and networking features, portability, etc… More and more software development communities who have desktop and web versions are investing their time and resources into developing equivalent mobile versions.

With that in mind, nowadays many clients are expecting a mobile application for their idea. The challenge is to deliver a working application that have expected features and good user interaction developed using free and open source solutions (frameworks and libraries).

To help ourselves in accelerating proper android based mobile application development, we need to having a mapping of feature to libraries list. That is, to have so and so feature, interaction, functionality there need to have so and so library most probably maintained by a community, as FOSS.

React Native
Progressive Web App


No. Type Feature Link License
1. Functionality
2. UX


The idea is not to create a exhaustive list of libraries, but to keep a concise components, functionalities that aids coopon's work easy with its own design language. To create a proper android design language that symbolizes Coopon's character, we might need to fork components and modify according to our character. Gradually, after forming a proper characteristic design language and assimilating necessary libraries remaining shall be deleted or new ones shall be added.

Android Library Link

No. Type Feature Link Compatibility License
1. Functionality In App Billing In-App billing >= 2.2 SDK Apache 2.0
2. Functionality Java Object to JSON GSON NA Apache 2.0
3. Functionality An HTTP+HTTP/2 client HTTP Client >= 14 API Apache 2.0
4. Functionality Modern I/O API for Java I/O API NA Apache 2.0
5. Functionality Parse, Format, validate phone numbers Phone Numbers NA Apache 2.0
6. UX - Animation Spring dynamics & Realworld physics Rebound NA Apache 2.0
7. Functionality Communicate b/w Activities, Fragments, Threads, Services… Eventbus NA Apache 2.0
8. UX - Graphics SVG parser & Interpretor AndroidSVG NA Apache 2.0
9. Functionality HTTP library for networking Volley NA Apache 2.0
10. UX - Graphics Image Loading & Caching with smooth scroll Glide >= 14 API Apache 2.0
11. Functionality Type Safe HTTP Client Retrofit >= 2.3 SDK Apache 2.0
12. UX - Graphics Image Downloading & Caching library Picasso NA Apache 2.0
14. UX - Component Image Cropping Library optimized for Camera / Gallery Image Cropper >= 14 API Apache 2.0
15. Legal Display 3rd party licenses Licenses Dialog NA Apache 2.0
16. UX - Component Circular Progress Circular progress bar NA MIT
17. UX - Component Circular Progress Circular progress view >= 14 API MIT
18. UX - Component Circular Progress Circular progress view NA MIT
19. UX - Component Circular Progress MB Circular progress Bar NA MIT
20. UX - Component Circular Image Circular Image View NA Apache 2.0
21. UX - Component Photo View Photo View NA NA
22. UX - Component Page Indicator Ink Page Indicator >= 14 API Apache 2.0
23. Functionality ORM to map objects to SQLite DB Green Dao NA NA
24. Functionality Field and Method binding for Android Views ButterKnife NA Apache 2.0
25. UX - Component Text View - Numeric Animation Number Anim - Text View NA Apache 2.0
26. Functionality Multi Task File Downloader File Downloader NA Apache 2.0
27. UX - Component Material Content Cell Folding Paper Cell >= 14 API MIT
28. UX - Component Material Slider Paper Onboarding >= 15 API MIT
29. UX - Component Circular Menu Circle Menu >= 16 API MIT
30. UX - Component Selection Widget Direct Select >= 14 API MIT
31. UX - Component Material Card Slder Card Slider >= 19 API MIT
32. UX - Component Material Peek/Pop Expanding Collection >= 14 API MIT
33. UX - Component Multiple Lists Garland View >= 19 API MIT
34. UX - Component Fluid Slider Fluid Slider >= 16 API MIT
35. UX - Component Navigation Bar Navigation Toolbar >= 21 API MIT
36. UX - Component Range Bar Material Range Bar >= 12 API Apache 2.0
37. UX - Component Color Picker Color Picker NA NA
38. UX - Component Custom Font Calligraphy NA NA
39. Functionality Asynchronous Tasks Handling ReactiveX NA Apache 2.0
40. Functionality Library for easy Logs Handling Timber NA Apache 2.0
41. Functionality Search View Search View >= 14 API Apache 2.0
42. UX - Component Circular Animation Circular Animation >= 19 API NA
43. Functionality Whats New ? Whats New? NA MIT
44. UX - Component Expanding View Expanding View NA NA
45. UX - Component Navigation Tab Bar Navigation Tab bar >= 11 SDK Apache 2.0
46. UX - Component Bottom Navigation Material Bottom Navigation NA MIT
47. UX - Component Paper Bottom Tab Strip Paper Bottom Strip NA Apache 2.0
48. UX - Component Bottom Navigation Bottom Navigation NA Apache 2.0
49. UX - Component Bottom Navigation AH Bottom Navigation >= 14 SDK Apache 2.0
50. UX - Component Bottom Navigation Bottom Navigation circular reveal NA MIT
51. UX - Component Loop Bar Loop Bar NA MIT
52. UX - Component Android Chart (line, bar, pie, radar, bubble, candle, scaling, dragging, animation) MPAndroidChart NA MIT
53. UX - Component GraphView GraphView NA MIT
54. UX - Component MarkdownView MarkdownView-Android NA MIT
55. UX - Component BottomNavigationView Morph Bottom Navigation NA Apache 2.0
56. UX - Component State Progress Bar StateProgressBar NA Apache 2.0

If intended library is not available, or wish to add new one to our kitbox, do visit :

Learn Android UX

Full Project/Clones

  1. Uber/Lyft Clone: Ride sharing project | Uber-Lyft Ride sharing project, Apache 2.0

React Native


No. Type Feature Link License
1. Functionality
1. UX