User Interaction is where the application logic and user meets together. It is the bridge that connects user base and the service. It decides whether the user stays or user leaves half way. It engages with the user, and guides the user to travel along the application. It is the instrument and sometimes a weapon deployed by developers to make them either think critically or ignorant & addictive. It is the social principles that make UX human centric.

Traditionally UX design, UI design are dominantly held by proprietary software or proprietary services. However, in recent times, the shift and gained important in UX did pressed the free & open source software communities, individuals to contribute for it.

UX has broad and generalized principles, while also has several intricacies and specific niches when it comes to interaction with a physical device to access a specific service or functionality. Depending upon what kind of device, how it interacts, what are the interfaces available to interact & the pupose of application, determines the interaction method.

* T = Yet To Test

* B,NW = Beta, Not Working

* Y = Yes, Working

Tools For Visual Design

No. Name Type Link License Working Status
1. Glade 3 UI Building Glade 3 GPL Y
2. Qt Creator, Design Studio, QML UI Building Qt Design Available in GPL Y
3. Akira UI Building Akira GPL 3.0 B,NW
4. Android Asset Studio UI Mgmt Android Asset Studio Apache 2.0, Git Y
5. Story book js Building UI Components Storybook js MIT, Git T
6. Easy Logic Web Design Tool Easy Logic Studio MIT, Git B,NW
7. Gradient Hunt Gradient for Design, Art Gradient Hunt T
8. Sketchsheets Sheet Templates for UX Sketch Sheets MIT, Git T
9. Wireflow Free Wire, User Flow tool Wire Flow MIT, Git B,NW
10. Grommet Streamline App development Grommet Apache 2.0, Git T
11. SVG to JSX Convertor SVG2JSX MIT, Git T

Tools for Typography

No. Name Type Link License Working Status
1. Google Web Fonts Self hosting google webfonts Google Webfonts MIT, Git Y
2. Web Font Preview Preview Google webfonts Web Font Preview MIT, Git
3. Fontello Custom SVG fonts, icons Fontello MIT, Git T

Tools for Iconography/Symbols

No. Name Type Link License Working Status
1. Feather Icons Open Icon Repository Feather Icons MIT, Feather Icons T
2. Font Awesome Open Font icons Font Awesome License, Git T
3. Material Design Icons Material Design Icons Material Design Icons License, Git T

Design System Kits

No. Name Type Link License Working Status
1. Vue Design System UI Building Vue DS MIT, Git T
2. Design System Kit Collaborative Workbench DSK License, RunDSK, Atelierdisko-DSK T
3. EOS Design System Cohesize UI/UX design EOS Design System MIT, Git T
4. EVA Design System Customizable Design System EVA Design System Git T
5. Catalog Living Style Guides Catalog.Style BSD-3, Git T


No. Name Type Link License Working Status
1. Core Admin Template Open Admin Template Core UI Open Admin Template MIT, Git T
2. Mega Doodles Pack Hand made SVG Doodles Mega Doodles by Maria Letta Git T
3. Stitches Template Generator Stitches by Amie Chan Git Y

Tools For Front End Coding

No. Name Type Link License Working Status
1. Create React App JS Create React App MIT Y
2. Expo JS Expo, Explo-cli MIT Y

Design - Develop Bridge

No. Name Link License Working Status
1. Galio Galio MIT T
2. Diez Diez AGPLv3 Y
3. Alva Meet Alva MIT, Git T

FrontEnd Frameworks

No. Name Type Link License Working Status
1. Tailwind CSS Tailwind MIT Y
2. Alpine JS Alpine MIT Y
3. React JS
4. Vue JS


Case Studies