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 +Health Care systems require deep assistance from information systems technology. It has to support the Hospitals, Decentrlaized health care centres, doctors, nurses, down till patients. With growing power in information technology - storage, computing power, networking - the connection and communications between the stake holders of the system and the system becomes more tightened. There is a longing necessity for open standards and open technologies in several perspectives. Nowadays it has become standard to deploy services, applications that can be provided to the respective stakeholders,​ especially that are portable - mobile applications,​ so that better awareness and services can be made accessible, available and affordable. There is also a need to address the transitionary problem of **Digital-Divide**,​ inroder to make the system non-technocratic,​ in other words to be empathetic and human-centred.
 +A open health information framework is very much necessary where several specific necesseties need to be addressed while keeping it open for scientific participation,​ resulting in reliable, interoperable outcome.
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 +| 1. | DHIS | Health Info. Sys. |  |  |
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