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Geography and Remote Sensing is one of the most openly contributing scientific discipline among others. Several data sets, tools and archives are accessible to public with proper licensing. Free Software tools like QGIS, GRASS, OSMAnd etc.. have continuously proved their best service to the field than any other proprietary solutions. Most budding business and establishing enterprises and research institutions prefer FOSS tools than competing proprietary solutions. Moreover, increasingly many community contributed modules, algorithms and tools are being constantly developed meeting the public and scientific necessity, which are not yet been tried out in the proprietary domain.

Increasingly location data has become industrial fuel/gold in the current information economy. Many location tracking service are expected by default. Several available data are becoming more and more location augmented. There is a increasing need to critically use and analyze the location data, that is directly connected to the private, social, political and economic inferences.

- Tools for measurement, design, testing, deploying, communicating and sharing are essential and more vital when it comes to GIS. For any application or domain that - likely to use Geo-Information has to use the required tool that keep the systems integrated together. The following will the updatable table which has to be - FOSS based - as a catalogue of tools available designed with open standards and philosophy in mind.

GIS + RS + Statistics : [Geomatics / Surveying / Mapping / Cartography / Remote Sensing / Transit]

No. Name Type Based on Purpose Link License
1. GDAL,OGR,GEOS Platform - GIS Base for GIS
2. GRASS GIS GIS Desktop Tool
3. QGIS GIS GIS Desktop Tool
4. SAGA GIS GIS Desktop Tool
5. TauDEM GIS GIS Desktop Tool
6. Udig GIS GIS Desktop Tool
7. gvSIG GIS GIS Desktop Tool
8. OpenJump GIS GIS Desktop Tool
9. Orfeo Toolbox Sat, Image Processing Sat. Image Processing
10. GeoDa, GeoDaspace Geo Spatial Explore Data Exploration
11. STEP Science Toolbox Exploitation Platform Data Sourcing Toolbox
12. RSToolbox RS Remote sensing for R
13. Pyramid Shader GIS GIS Desktop Tool
14. Terrain Equalizer GIS GIS Desktop Tool
15. Terrain Bender GIS GIS Desktop Tool
16. Scree Painter GIS GIS Desktop Tool
17. Tangible Landscape GIS Terrain Modeling & Interaction
18. WhiteBox GAT Geospatial Analysis GIS Desktop Tool
19. JOSM GIS - Collaborate Collabore, Contribute
20. Maputnik GIS - Carto design react, js Design Tool
21. Mapnik GIS - Web Web GIS
22. uMap GIS - Web Web GIS
23. Tilemill/Tileoven GIS - Web Web GIS
24. GeoServer GIS - Web Web GIS
25. GeoNode GIS - Web Web GIS
26. OpenLayers GIS - Web Web GIS
27. Leaflet GIS - Web Web GIS
28. Turf GIS - Web Web GIS
29. GeoJS GIS - Web Web GIS
30. Tippecanoe GIS - Tile generator GIS-CLI
31. Rasterio GIS - Raster GIS-CLI
32. Tileserver GIS - Local Serve Web GIS
33. Mapserver GIS - WMS/WFS C Web GIS
34. Cesium GIS - 3D Web GIS
36. OpenForis Collect Data Collection (Files)
37. OpenForis Collect Mobile Data Collection (Mobile)
38. OpenForis Collect Earth Data Collection (Sats.)
39. OpenForis Calc Data Analysis
40. OpenForis Geospatial Toolkit
41. PostGIS GIS - DB Storage GIS (DBMS)
42. SpatialLite GIS - DB Storage GIS (DBMS)
43. GeoJSON,TopoJSON GIS - DataType Serializing GIS data
44. TransitWand GIS - Transit Preprocessing GTFS
45. Transitfeed GIS - Transit GTFS feed Validataion
46. GTFS - Editor GIS - Transit GTFS Editor
47. OpenTripPlanner GIS - Transit Trip plan & mgmt
48. Analyst server GIS - Transit Transit analysis
49. GTFS - rt admin GIS - Transit GTFS RT admin
50. Node-GTFS GIS - Transit Node based GTFS tool
51. GTFSdb GIS - Transit GTFS database
52. GTFS to HTML GIS - Transit Time table generation
53. Traffic-Engine GIS - Transit Traffic statistics
54. GO Sync GTFS - OSM Sync
55. GPX Filter GPX Visualization
56. GPX Map Matcher GPX Visualization
57. ulogger Server Location Tracking
58. TracCar Location Tracking
59. OwnTracks Location Tracking
60. Geomesa GIS - Large Scale Querying & Analytics
61. GeoWave GIS - Large Scale Querying & Analytics
62. POSM Portable OSM Self Reliant, Offline
63. TIN Terrain Height to meshes Offline tin-terrain MIT
64. PeerMaps P2P Mapping Peer Map N/W Peer-Maps
65. Ginkgoch Full stack GIS solution JS Full stack GIS Ginkgoch
66. Python Folium Python, Leaflet Combo Python, JS Python + Leaflet Python Folium, Git MIT
67. ColorOracle Color for Maps Java Map Coloring ColorOracle MIT
68. ColorBrew Color for Maps JS Map Coloring ColorBrew Apache 2.0
69. Ridership GIS - Transit Python, JS Transit, Ridership Ridership, Git MIT
70. Unfolding GIS - Visualization Java Visualization Unfolding, Git Apache like
71. Shifted Maps GIS - InterVisualization JS Visualization Shifted Maps, Git GPL 3.0
72. GeoExt3 GIS - Application building JS App. building GeoExt3, Git GPL 3.0

For a more exhaustive list : Awesome geo collection


When it comes to learning Geographical Systems, no one document or single Wiki could encompass the historical and scientific knowledge in the discipline. However, with many more critical individuals, researchers, hackers, scientific communities and groups have gathered, reviewed the collected contents present throughout internet. Learning Geography or GIS or any allied field of interest through strict academic career is not the only way (must not be the only way) to acquire such great knowledge and contribute back. With that sense, i have tried to collate possible locations of web pages, sites, wikis, tutorials, etc… and encourage who is willing to collage can do the same.

All these disseminated knowledge in internet is the proof of power of commons. It illustrates the desire of anyone who is interested in its science to make it more transparent, open and propagatable to the commons.

Tools today like GRASS, QGIS, … are powerful enough to ease the task creation, for a analyst, cartographer, geologist, hydrologist, etc… They can simply think in terms of system level block diagrams or flow diagram to complete a particular process. That can be directly programmed using current tools listed above.

Community Wikis

Name About Links
GIS Wiki General GIS
Landscape Toolbox Wiki Field & Remote Sensing
Transit Wiki Transit/Transport
TDM Transport Demand & Mgmt
Grass Wiki GIS Tech. Methods

Individual Researcher/Expert Portals/Blogs

About Name Links
Visualization Bernie Jenny
QGIS Tutorials Ujaval Gandhi
GIS to Remote Sensing Luca Congedo
Karto Pics Daniel Coe
Cartography Workshop Planemad
Satellite Workshop Planemad
Planemad Diary Planemad
One Metro World Jugcerovic
Human Transit Jarret Walker
Finding Graticule xkcd wiki
Lets make a Map Mike Bostock
RStoolbox for R Benjamin Leutner
Maps,tools Townsendjennings
Add isochrones Peter Liu
Denise Lu Denise Lu
Derek Watkins Derek Watkins
AC Geospatial Andrew Cutts
Nicolas Brodu Nicolas Brodu
Info. Design & Mgmt. Movable Type
Free & Open Source GIS Ramblings Anita Graser
Geospatial brainstorming Mike Miller
Urban Planning and Spatial Analysis Geoff Boeing
Visual Analytics, Spatio - Temporal Till Nagel
SupraGeography Oobrien

Community Websites


Name Links
Oregon State Univ.
Penn State Univ.(PSU)
PSU E-Education
Online GIS course
Centre for Geospatial Analysis
GeoForAll Lab
GeoForAll Lab Repo
PSU + FreeTamilebooks
Wshington state Dept. of Natural Resources(WDNR)
Carleton University
IHE Delft
Institue of Geography
Heidelberg Institue for Geoinformation & Technology
Richmond Edu, Digital Scholarship Lab
Virginia Edu, Scholars Lab
Geo University
Urban Complexity Lab
Institute of Transport & Development Policies
UC GIS, Body of Knowledge

Repositories & Standards

Media Websites

Name Media Links
GIS Geography GIS Geography
Digital Geography Digital Geography
Geoawesomeness Geoawesomeness
Mobility Lab Mobility Lab
All over the Map National Geographic
Bare Earth WDNR, Arcgis WDNR Bare earth
Mapping the Reality Medium - Mental map & GIS Mapping the reality
Accessibility - 1 Medium - Tools for analyzing employment accessibility Employment accessibility analysis tools
Accessibility - 2 Medium - Building Transportation Scenarios, accessibility analysis Transportation Analysis

Open Data Sources for GIS

Name Purpose Links
Natural Earth Physical, Cultural Shapefiles
SRTM Terrain Data
AWS AWS public dataset
USGS USGS Earth Explorer
Sentinel Scientific Data Hub
NOAA NOAA Aeril Photo Ordering
NOAA NOAA Data Access Viewer
NOAA NOAA Digital Coast
EOLi Earth Observation Link
NISE National Ins. Space Research
ISRO Bhuvan
VITO Coarse Vegetation Data
Landcover Global Landcover
FAO Socio-Economic Data
SEDAC Socio-Economic Data
MIT GeoWeb MIT GIS data access
PCL Collection University of Texas Library
TauDEM Test Data
HydroSHEDS Hydrological data and maps based on SHuttle Elevation Derivatives at multiple Scales
USGS Data & Tool analyze meaning in the scientific, engineering, context
Global Islands Explorer Global Shoreline Vector, Global Ecological coastal units
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