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 +  * We have only limited address space support for unicode in LaTeX
 +  * We have Unicode consortium not yet asserted tamil fractions
 +  * We are almost designing font from scratch
 +  * We are providing a custom font for publication
 +To possibly circumvent this situational issue, we have decided to designed glyphs to other recognized standard address space of unicode chart. We agreed to replace the Devanagiri glyphs with our custom tamil fraction glyphs.
 +There is no political motive in doing so. And this has been communicated with Dr.Senthil Babu as well as publishers with proper reason.
 +Thus while submitting the manuscript after completing the typesetting,​ diacritic, tamil fraction replacement - the custom font file (.ttf) with ofl license shall be provided for the LaTeX to work and create proper output.