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Dr. Pushkala have expert and field knowledge respective to Tamil Glyph creation, Tamil Mathematics, Units, Measures, Volumes and Weights, etc, interpreting and standardizing symbols for use by understanding Palm leaves from 18th century Villages in her research near Thiruporur and Chengalpattu in TamilNadu.

Her contribution in Calligraphy in normalizing the glyphs required to quantify the measureable quantities represented using tamil symbols is remarkable and provide a huge learning treasure for the coming generations. She did cropped several standard glyphs from a chosen font style to create new glyphs by combining crops of several different paper copies. This in turn was then used to create new font file that was used to publish her documented Doctoral thesis and report, available in Centre for Policy Studies.

The calligraphy chart shown below constructed by Dr.Pushkala during her time at Tanjore University, shall be used for designing font with proper metrics without any confusion. She has taught us how to start designing font along with the kind of expectations and rational decisions supporting to avoid confusions between chosing different forms of same measurements or quantities. The one with less confusion with other different glyphs shall be used to eradicate confusion occuring from similarities and loose usage.

Another way to generate design metrics for creating glyphs and font consecutively, is to use th pdf accessed from the centre for policy studies book published by Dr.Pushkala, in the provided link, and use them to create glyphs with proper metrics with very little errors, than calligraphing from scratch or using the existing calligraphy done even by the expert itself.

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