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Trustable Technology Mark

To prevent or atleast minimize sprouting of Technocratic solutions from every happening, or ever go unnoticed, human centric design is really important. Trustable Technology Mark can only ever be one indicator that we might want to rely on, or not: Depending on the circumstances and particulars of the project.

As presented by ThingsCon, the first four of these dimensions are the foundational building blocks of trustworthiness: They aren't sufficient conditions but required ones. Without a strong commitment to security, transparency, data protection and stability (in the sense of designing for robustness and longevity), a connected device can never be trusted.

The fifth dimension, openness, plays a special role: In our view, openness is not a required condition, but openness is a strong indicator for trustworthiness. Concretely, when evaluating incoming applications we look for openness, and if the device is largely open we look at the rest of the application with an assumption of trustworthiness as opposed to an assumption of non-trustworthiness.

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