Our Vision and goal are set towards to be a proof of work and sustaining cooperative in chaging world of work, in a highly paralleled view like the TeleKommunist Manifesto, as well as in the Peer-to-Peer Manifesto

We embrace, Commons based Peer Production as a means to democratize and control the means of production by the workers using Cooperative framework to manage, operate and yield a sustainable life and mutual benefit. To this comes the strategy of Federated Decentralization along with the Instruments & Tools, collaboratively produced and distributed - the Free Software & Hardware.

Production, Platforms, Ownership, Infrastructure, Unions, Cooperatives are tightly connected with each other. But everything comes with little or more influence of greedy capitalism or individualistic neoliberalism. Thus isolating these social instruments from capital dominance and hegemony is an important task for those who strive for social progression, leading to individual progression.

Seizing the means of production, with conscious union struggle and strike against the ruling and capitist class, while at the same time, organizing for mutual well being is equally important. One without another does not orient towards a completion. While commons based peer production