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This wiki lists the projects are under construction and proposed with a brief description. They need not represent any order of priority. All the project involved in one or other way will have technological part in it. Based on our philosophy, principles we have pledged to work with free software/hardware, designs, open data and produce with same ethos. We usually follow agile development process. We also stand not to make projects (products or services) that would in anyway compromise users freedom, which is our default state thus not providing any chance for technocratic solutions. In short, one can say that we have adopted almost same principles as [[|Free Software.Business]] but independently arriving at the same conclusion.

Pragmatic Design Philosophy

Since, the Coop has set its scope to scientific, technological, research based projects - which in turn can be a product or service, it would only be proer to have a design philosophy as a guideline or indicator about the selection and working on the projects. Several of such design philosophies shall be helpful to proceed. The following might be helpful.


All projects requires skill, proper, timeliness, reliability of completion, maintenance, etc. Such quality requirements can be accomplished through openly available management strategies. The following is followed by Coopon to enable members optimally productive and help maintain the sanity amidst all complexities of life and work.

Project & Labour

All of our precious labour and time are contributed towards the project which we have evaluated democratically considering the desires, dreams, aspirations, economic situation, social good, activism, etc… We have to setup a ladder of project flow from //Ideation to Prototype to Minimum Viable Product to Usable Product. Hence the following arrangement is made to help organize flow of labour into projects based on priority and importance. * List of Completed Projects * List of Working Projects —- ===== Proposed ===== * List of Proposed Projects * List of Mobile Projects * List of Desktop Projects * List of Network Projects

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