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Process Vs Outcome

After deciding upon a project, laying out the roadmap depends heavily upon the frameworks, tools, reasons. Then we will be deciding upon the process or method in general. How come this process will fit with us and how it will adversely or positively affect the outcome. Thus the following chart help to understand the relationship between the thow dimensions.

Case 1 :

Walled process with outcome for public usage

Most of the government institutions classify the design and development knowledge, which inturn goes against scientific practice. This becomes a dominant force in implementation of ideas, but one has to blindly trust these actions and assume everything is done for in the name of safety and security. Participation is also partially volunteered or sometimes would be mandated with economic conditioning. Ex: UID, Aadhaar

Case 2 :

Opaque walls of process and outcome

These are completely profit and extraction concentrated. Point of view is always towards profit, monopoly, domination to do good socially. This is usually practice in private organizations and business firms heavily. Everything the purchased common labour is a property of few owners and capitalists. Ex : Patents, Intellectual Property, etc… Outcome is always market oriented. This system believes that competition in market is done well and good when everything is closed and secret and privatized. But ironically this does not care about users or common peoples privacy, freedom & autonomy.

Case 3 :

Transparent process but distant and disconnected

This strategy is adopted many times by NGO's or NPO's where it actually misses addressing the local issues and struggles, but develops tools that has focus in some other problem. The serious critic upon such organization setup is that they act as pressure relieve system for current dominant economy, manifesting in the form of donations, grants, philanthropy, etc…. from private institutions or coporations etc….

Case 4 :

Open, Participatory, Local, Collaborative

This is a pragmatized ideal situation where people come together informally with a common interest, working on a idea for a local problem, using proper collaborative participation. When the process used are communicated and shared transparently, errors decrease while quality increases with participation. It follows Think Global, Act Local strategy. Open Value Networks, Cooperatives, Communities that does business comes under this category. First explore the market and find our what are all the demands of people and thus become a prosumer to address local market and needs. Since the process is open, shareable & hackable - it can be edited whoever interested in it for their usage.

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