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Problem Vs Domain

Whenever we get the emotional or rational impetus to work collectively on a project dreaming a common goal, every step toward achieving the goal with proper road map and planning becomes essential. Every small change, every small labour we burn matters twoards the goal. Thus having a greate detail of the problem we are going to work and the knowledge of domain we are going to work matters most. The following diagram depicts the relationship between the problem and domain from a knowledge, innovation, and labour perspective.

Case 1 :

Disruptive Innovation: Well understood domain with explorative problem

Recent decades dominant capitlaist economic systems have been tuned for disruption that correlates with free market theory and animal instincts. A disruptive innovation will change the course of whole industry which is ridden with monopoly or corrupt or sustained increase in middle men between the manufacturer and the consumer. With this claim, it has eventually resulted in new form of enclosure by new companies and corporates in the name of startup which are eventually technology services penetrating in social infrastructures like transport, logistics, energy, communications etc… By being disruptive in nature, it eventually destroys the stability in domestic and small scale industries - paving way for creating new kind of economy called Gig economy, where only few claimed as “socially good” monopolies in the market, which the common people has to depend upon without any choice really.

Case 2 :

Basic Research: Problem and Domain are not yet understood, exploration

While this is mostly institutional and academic most of the times funded by public administration, nowadays privatization has huge investment that eventually results in more profit and sales fueling the consumerist attitude in society. For example, investment in psyops would result in computational psychology and network psychology which in turn would influence sociological relationships which are tuned already to bring a particularly desired goal decided by a few who has the desire and power to control.

On the other hand, public funded research carryout explorative tasks that result in scientific developments and allied technological advancements which can later be applied to other fields.

Case 3 :

Breakthrough innovation: Well defined problem with very little understanding of domain of work

A new innovation which is not possible earlier might be applied in the forthcoming projects emerging as new frontier in the market shifting the influence of a particular product making others relatively obsolete. Ex. : Skunk works.

Case 4 :

Sustaining Innovation: Well defined problem and domain

The domain already has a operating economy with more players and stakeholders. The problem is well understood so that continuous democratized innovation happens to further perfect the solutions. Research, Development, Design are inherent parts of it, which in turn could influence all other cases. While all others require huge economic/financial support to start, this case requires optimal or minimal support to be another player in the market, while showing several niche differences which would require strength to address and converse with the market.

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