Prasanna Venkadesh

DOB 26/06/1991
Phone 9940325718, 0413-2201277
Emergency contact Mom 9894444258
Blood Group B+ve
Internet Handles prashere
Address 14, B-1, Raj Apartments, 2nd Main Road, Aarudra Nagar, Kavundanpalayam, Puducherry - 605009.

I do pretend to look serious a lot of time as if I am a philosopher ;-) but no, I am just someone who loves philosophy, reading the works of philosophers of the world.

How do I look to you, old or young? I was born in 1991, so I leave it to you to figure out my age at the time of reading this. Over these years, I have developed an interest towards computers primarily because of Games that I played during my school days. (Dangerous Dave, Roadrash, Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, GTA, etc.,).

I started wondering how did these characters come into existence and obey our commands when I was class 4. This got me interested and thus I ended up studying computer science and of-course playing more games ;-) Right now I hold a masters degree in Network and Internet Engineering and have 2 years of work experience in a startup and MNC.

Technical Skillset

  • Python as primary language for systems programming and backend development.
  • GNU/Linux system & server administration.
  • Git for version control system.

Interests & Hobbies

  • Free Software & Digital Commons.
  • Philosophy (especially Dialectical Materialism and it's root in Indian Philosophical thoughts).
  • Self-Sustained alternatives w.r.t energy production & consumption and their corresponding economic model.
  • Digital Cartography (co-creating OpenStreetMap under the handle Prashere).
  • Book Translation (translating books that I read from English to Tamil).

Social & Coding