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 ===== Organizational Communication ===== ===== Organizational Communication =====
 +Communication is a key part for collaboration and especially for any organization that does serious business. And more important for a business that works based on Cooperative Economic Model with an alternate view of ownership. It has to be stellar, direct, open empathized to a certain degree, to keep it human centric and organizational actions streamlined. To misunderstand what one says, is to misinform and misassume, and there by result in bias and asymmetric decision making that leads to power struggle later. 
 +As serious as it sounds, it is also fun to have communication as a great tool between individuals in a cooperative to take wise, educated and scientific decision making efficiently and effectively. Communication is not only about connecting between each individual but also understanding each individuals socio-political stand, subsistence situation, empathy, helping out each other in times of need. To certain extent it can be aided by technology to keep the organization in sync, by enabling collaboration in sync between the individuals of cooperative.
 {{ youtube>e5oXygLGMuY }} {{ youtube>e5oXygLGMuY }}
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