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This page is created to index all Minutes of Meeting that took place. Each meeting shall have it's own wiki page and get linked here. For a nostalgia twist, we have so far typed the minutes, using a brother typewriter purchased second hand. All important points, decisions, definitions, agenda, problems, etc.. will be jotted down and will be signed by the members who physically attend the meeting on a periodic basis.

Those type-writed pages, will be scanned and uploaded as images here as material reference to the digital minutes recorded here.

No. Date Minutes
1. 14 April 2018 coopon_minutes_1_14-april-2018.pdf
2. 05 May 2018 coopon_minutes_2_05-may-2018.pdf
3. 03 March 2019
4. 02 June 2019 coopon_minutes_3_02-jun-2019.pdf
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