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This page defines different types of membership that we have discussed for our cooperative.

  1. Full Time Members
  2. Part Time Members
  3. Contributors
    1. Technical
    2. Financial

Full Time Members

Full time members are those who have committed their labor towards management and projects undertaken by the cooperative. They don't do paid work outside the cooperative.

Part Time Members

Part time members are those who can't be a full time member for that moment for various reasons. For example when basic financial (or) material needs couldn't be met for themselves and their family, they could do paid work outside and still be able to participate in cooperative activities.

Note: for now, we have decided in terms of decision making and participation, we don't distinguish between the rights of full time and part time members. But we also decided that, when the cooperative starts to generate revenue, full time members will be paid first. Payment for part time members will be decided based upon the surplus that is left out.


Contributors are neither part time (or) full time members. Contributors cannot take part in any decision making process. But they contribute to the projects based on their volunteer interest because they see a use-value in such a project being developed and put to use in their community (or) neighborhood.

When defining who are contributors, two types of people comes to focus.

  1. Technical Contributors: those who contribute to cooperative projects via code or design or documentation.
  2. Financial Contributors: those who contribute to cooperative projects via financial donations.

If we accept someone as a intern, over the period of time based on their engagement with us and based on their interest they can become either full time or part time member with the cooperative. Interns will be considered as technical contributors.

Members of Coopon

The following is the list of current and past members of this cooperative.

Present Members

Name Type Duration More Info.
கமலவேலன் (Kamalavelan) Full Time Jan 2018 - Present CV
பிரசன்ன வெங்கடேஷ் (Prasanna Venkadesh) Part Time May 2018 - Present
கணேஷ் (Ganesh) Full Time Aug 2018 - Present CV
மணிராஜ் (Maniraj) Full Time May 2018 - Present
மணிமாறன் (Manimaran) Full Time Apr 2019 - Sep 2019
ராகுல்காந்த் (Ragulkanth) Part Time Aug 2018 - Present CV
பாலாஜி (Balaji) Part Time May 2018 - Present Resume
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