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Means Vs Motivation

The motivation or impetus required (think inertia) to take up a project depends upon several factors which the cooperative members have to commonly agree upon that also considers the current situation into account. Learned from the book of Game of Politics, this chart helps us to position ourselves to see how we stand and where we stand. We need to be players who also know the rules and thus need to acquire the knowledge of how rulers would think, which can then be hacked to help self governance - a routing strategy to divert bearing of cooperative from extraction to empathy, self governance and mutual benefit between members and stakeholders.

Case 1 : Demotivating and High Means

Playing as spectators is of no potential use other than mild external support and hypocrisy.

Case 2 : Motivating and No Means

This would be the best example of Sincere Ignorance or Ignorance in general. You just want to be part in the play as a “job”. There is no rational or emotional motivation to work and thus volunteering becomes pain and eventually the whole process of working for the means becomes a huge setback personally and collectively.

Case 3 : Fully Motivated and High Means

This is the state where we learn the rules, limitations, pitfalls, loopholes, adapt and hack the system against its own rules, while at the same time participating in the game. You are a player with widest knowledge and political consciousness always being aware of what is being pulled around you thus understanding the means.