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 ===== Case 1 : Demotivating and High Means ===== ===== Case 1 : Demotivating and High Means =====
-Playing as spectators is of no potential use other than mild external support and hypocrisy. ​+Playing as spectators is of no potential use other than mild external support and hypocrisy. This is just a waste of resource being spent to wait and watch for a disaster, for adventure which eventually will bite yourself. If we keep looking for accidents and wait for crisis so that the situation becomes entertaining - which will help you scold the players and curse on rules from a comfort zone which neither any player nor any rules didn't take. It is just a position of being exploited for being a hypocrite. But the game is always for you, where players are just numbers with skills - a perfect machine. 
 +===== Case 2 : Motivating and No Means ===== 
 +This would be the best example of Sincere Ignorance or Ignorance in general. You just want to be part in the play as a "​job"​. There is no rational or emotional motivation to work and thus volunteering becomes pain and eventually the whole process of working for the means becomes a huge setback personally and collectively. 
 +===== Case 3 : Fully Motivated and High Means ===== 
 +This is the state where we learn the rules, limitations,​ pitfalls, loopholes, adapt and hack the system against its own rules, while at the same time participating in the game. You are a player with widest knowledge and political consciousness always being aware of what is being pulled around you thus understanding the means.