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Mail Server Setup


  1. Ubuntu 18.04 Server DO Droplet 1GB
  2. Postfix
  3. Dovecot
  4. SpamAssasin

Installing and configuring POSTFIX


$ sudo apt DEBIAN_PRIORITY=low install postfix

while installing the configuration prompt will appear. Lets just go with the following settings.

  • General type of mail configuration?: Internet Site
  • System mail name:
  • Root and postmaster mail recipient: ragulkanth
  • Other destinations to accept mail for: $myhostname,,, localhost
  • Force synchronous updates on mail queue?: No
  • Local networks: [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128
  • Mailbox size limit: 0
  • Local address extension character: +
  • Internet protocols to use: all

To reconfigure postfix

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix
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