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Projects Currently Operating

These are projects that we have clear business strategy and development for. The projects locked here must have a high probability of revenue stream along with a significant degree of common interest vested by the members of the cooperative. Only such projects will reach a balance between focus, revenue & shared cooperative responsibilities.

No. Project Client Organization Member Point Start Date Status Members Involved Support/Billing Repository
1. Uauto/Transfed Unions, Transit Coops, Public Transport Yet to Find & Fit Coopon 30th-January-2018 Partial Android Client Ready Coopon In Exploration Uauto Code, Transfed Code
2. Infact Media Infact Media Infact Pvt. Ltd. Mr.Prasanna 1st-July-2018 Wordpress Website Ready Mr.Prasanna Rs.3,000/- Not required
3. Post Pregnancy Health Care Dr.R.Jayalakshmi JIPMER Hospital Mr.Kamalavelan 3rd-December-2018 Deliverd & Under Supporting Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Manimaran Rs.98,100/- Source Code, Web App, Mobile App
4. Kaniyam Projects T. Shrinivasan Kaniyam Foundation Mr.Kamalavelan Yet to be Announced Fundraising by Shrinivasan Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Maniraj, Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Ganesh Rs.10,000/- pm Kaniyam Project Ideas
5. Ojas Eduland Ms. Ramya (through INFACT) Ojas Eduland Mr. Prasanna 24-December-2018 Started to Migrate Wordpress Mr.Maniraj, Mr.Prasanna Migrating Cost (Rs.1000/-) + Monthly maintenance (Rs. 250/- per month) + Custom Feature Integration & Development (Rs. 100/- per feature)
6. Techblue Mr.VikThara Techblue Software Pvt. Ltd Mr.Ganesh Jan - Feb 2019 On demand basis Mr.Ganesh ~170$ (15$/hour)
7. Techblue Home Automation - pilock Mr.VikThara Techblue Software Pvt. Ltd Mr.Ragulkanth May 6, 2019 On demand basis Mr.Ragulkanth (15$/hour)
8. Chennai Mapping Project A remote sensing project from Toronto University Bhavani Raman Chennai Maps Project Mr.Ragulkanth August, 2019 2 completed of 3 tasks Mr.Ragulkanth (1500 Canadian Dollar)
9. RentHub Rentalstats site for Renhub Nakkeeran Renthub, Illinois, US Mr.Ragulkanth September, 2019 Just started Mr.Ragulkanth Mr.Kalavelan (3500 USD)
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