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These are proposed feasible services that shall be run by coop most probably for near future.

No. Project Name Purpose Ideated By Type
1. Indic OCR Localization Automation Mr.Kamalavelan Language
2. City Manual Urban Information Archive Mr.Kamalavelan Economic
3. Piye Platform to collectivize informal Youth Employment similar to Up & Go SocioEconomic
4. SARP Platform for Search & Rescue using APRS, Wireless Beacon Social, Disaster Response, Rescue
5. Mobile Health Framework Open Standards based Framework for Android Social, Health
6. Anti Middle man Framework To eradicate middle men between producers and consumers Social, Economy, Business
7. Free Archive To have a archive/preservatory for different content From IFP Archive, Biodiversity requirement History, Story, Heritage, Research, Culture
8. Thematic-Spatial-Temportal A Application to integrate data from 3 different perspectives, (Data collection, Data Acquisition, Data Storage, Data Visualization, Interaction, Data Analytics, Reporting, Sharing & Publication) as service - end to end Coop Scientific, Survey, Field Research
9. Free Tamil Ebooks Cover Image Cover images of Free Tamil Ebooks Mr. Shrinivasan CC E-Books
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