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Why ?

Networking between devices often are realized in hierarchical manner,using established protocols. If devices are becoming more pervasive, accessing resources through a network gain a phenomenal popularity in society. Either the network may be centralized, controlled, screened or surveilled else, network technologies, tools, protocols, devices can emerge from communities and can fit sever real world local requirements. With Coopons roots in FSH movements, creating a community network with people centric approach, making them participate and share resources without any centralized tracking is a transformational process. This helps communities become self reliant and independent from vendor lockins and surveillance.

Whenever possible, coopon shall engage in implementing community network (might be mesh too) design for specific purpose with a business model suitable for the deploying space.

No. Project Name Purpose Ideated By Type
1. Book Mesh Mesh network for bookfair Mr.Prasanna Social-BookFair
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