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Suddenly making mobile/smart applications for the widely available platform oranized as community projects or by starting a startup company is hope based strategy. However we need to realize that while making an application shall be easy, distributing it and hoping that might reach the right people out there and further hoping that we might get some degree of financial contribution from the user itself or showing this as proof to make ourselves funded from other organizations.

However placing ourself vicinity to the users makes us more specific, while @ end of the day, it would be required by only the people who would need it. Now placing ourseof in between the developers/designers and the technology, will make our portfolio great, more developers using our productive components, thus making our contribution a necessity for the developer community, which pushes them to financially support us back on a more smooth fluctuations than directly dealing with end users of mobile device - enabling more economic stability.

Our prodctive tool shall not be a complicated one like a IDE or compiler or even a editor. But shall be a UI/UX components, libraries, which are good in performance, best possible UX, and collection of demonstrative applications explaining use cases. However, we shall also make apps that are essential or niche addressing a huge community or for a socio-economic cause or which shall bring high volume sustenance to the coop.

High Priority (by coop members)

No. Project Name Purpose Proposed By Type
1. Uauto Local first Social Transport App Coopathon 2018 Working Class, Working Ethical Alternative
2. OSM Frame Rendering, printing OSM Maps with Style Ganesh, Manimaran App to easily theme and scape maps
3. Citizen Scientist Collection of Measurement, Data Collection for Citizen Scientists Ganesh App For Citizen Scientice
4. GeoAnd GIS, RS Ganesh GIS/RS/Ecology/Environmental

Low Priority (for interns)

No. Project Name Purpose Ideated By Type
1. AmRad Amateur Radio Mr.Ganesh Communications
2. Serial monitor Physical Computing Mr.Ganesh Engineering
3. Progressive Network of Things Network of Things Mr.Ganesh Networking, Physical Computing
4. GNU material cash Better UX for Cash Mgmt Mr.Ganesh Finance
5. Free Memes Bet ter Meme creating app with innovative features Mr.Prasanna Art Generation
6. Rasmol for Android Rasmol tool for android Mr.Ganesh Molecular Visualization
7. Lovers Midori Midori like app for lovers Mr.Manimaran Remainder for lovers
8. Job news Job Pedia Mr.Manimaran Job posting and Viewing by the common user. Act like Wikipedia
9. Organization Manager Managing an Organization Mr.Manimaran Android app to manage organization, resource, schedule, tasks, minutes, meetups easily
  • Why not shall we redesign fdroid apps for better ux/ui (will build portfolio) ??

Ex: Windyty, Money balance, Loop Habits, Stellarium, GNUCash mgmt, Secuso apps, Gadget bridge, PSLabs, MySplash …

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