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Why ?

Desktop/Workstation apps are still a strong hold as long as computer aided design and development are getting more and more required than anytime before. Without powerful procesing units, engineers/developers/hackers/researchers are unable to develop, design, test, document their progress or even share. Still Free Software and Hardware contributions are very less in Science/Engineering/Design spaces.

No. Project Name Purpose Ideated By Type
1. SiPhi Sci/Engg. widgets - GTK3, Granite, Vala Mr.Ganesh Scientific
2. Orange3 Widgets, modules, libraries, hw interaction ? Mr.Ganesh Scientific
3. Inkstudio Evolving inkscape to inkstudio on modular basis for addressing design requirements Mr.Ganesh Design UX
4. Xcape Open GIS/VGIS based Gaming Mr.Kamalavelan Gaming
5. Xclipse Visual UX for Astronomical Eclipse Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Arun Isaac Visualization
6. Commonspoly Digital Version of Commonspoly Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Ganesh Gaming
7. Cheminfo UX designfor Cheminfo apps Mr.Ganesh Interaction, Visualization
8. TimeyWall Design & Develop Wallpaper app Mr.Ganesh Interaction, Visualization, Function
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