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Following are the list of completed projects undertaken by Cooperative and delivered to the respective client. The project shall in the state of maintenance as a service - so completion here refers to design, development, implementation, testing, deployment.

No. Project Client Organization Member Point Start Date End Date Due Date Members Involved Revenue
1. Vernacular Math Dr.SenthilBabu IFP India Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Ganesh 31st-August-2018 31st-December-2018 21-January-2019 Mr.Maniraj, Mr.Ragulkanth, Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Balaji Rs.25,000/-
2. IndoWeb Dr.SenthilBabu IFP India Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Kamalavelan 31st-August-2018 31st-December-2018 15th-February-2019 Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Ganesh Rs.25,000/-
3. LDAP Installation Mr.Sundar ApsiLabs Mr.Manimaran, Mr.Balaji 29th-March-2019 19th-April-2019 2nd-May-2019 Mr.Manimaran, Mr.Ragulkanth, Mr.Prasanna Rs.6000/-
4. Hygo engrg website Mr.Kasi Hygo Eng Pvt Lte Prasanna, Maniraj 8 May 2019 8 June 2019 Maniraj, Prasanna Rs.5,000/-
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