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This is a Collection we categorized to manage the collectino of books, articles, essyas from which we learn criticisms, fundamental philosophies, theories, frameworks - which in first place guides us to not to fall in the traps of capitalistic or neoliberal domination. Since our thought process lies aligned with left politics, there is nothing wrong in organizing our learning and being political about it.

In our coop, not only cooperative economic understanding is vital, but also it is equally important to understand the nature of emergence of cooperatives and other organizational strategy and tactics among the [Left bloc] {socialist - communist, anarchist groups,} that teaches us to mix and implement as the situation demands. We collectively have studied and share the understandings mutually from the following works :

Archives & Books, Series

No. Title Author
1. Building Alternatives - The story of India's Oldest Construction Workers' Cooperative Thomas Issac & Michelle Williams
2. Das Capital Karl Marx
3. Rosa Luxemburg essays Rosa Luxemburg
4. Marxism & Natural Science Marxist Writers
5. On Natural Science Marx-Engels
6. Lenin on Cooperation Lenin
7. Marx, Engels & Lenin on Anarchism & Anarcho-Syndicalism Marx, Engels, Lenin
8. Adventures in Marxism Berman Marshall
9. Mutual Aid Pyotr Kropotkin


No. Title Author
1. Dialectics Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
2. Dialectical & Historical Materialism Stalin
3. Utopian Socialism Engels
4. Economic & Philosophical Manuscripts Karl Marx
5. Poverty of Philosophy Karl Marx
6. Anarchism & Socialism Lenin
7. Anarchism or Socialism ? Stalin


No. Title Author
1. On Contradiction Mao Zedong
2. On Practice Mao Zedong
3. Combat Liberalism Mao Zedong
4. ஸ்தாபனத்தைப் பற்றி (On Institution) ஸ்டாலின், மாவோ (Stalin, Mao)
5. On Party's Tasks Stalin
6. அமைப்பாய் திரள்வோம் திருமாவளவன்
7. Critique of the Gotha Programme Karl Marx


No. Title Author
1. Telekommunisten Manifesto Dmytri Kleiner
2. Peer to Peer - the commons Manifesto Michel Bauwens, Vasilis Kostakis, and Alex Pazaitis

Magazines, Websites & Blogs

No. Title Field/About
1. P2P Foundation Blog People Production, Common Goods, Universal Access
2. Roar Mag Critical Analysis of World Politics & Current Affairs
3. Notes From Below Worker's inquiry to understand & change the world
4. The Nib Daily comics on Poltics & Journalism
5. Tricontinental Social Research Institue serving people’s aspirations
6. Logic A magazine about Technology
7. Metamute Culture & Politics after Net
8. Jacobin Socialist perspective on Politics, Economics & Culture
9. Scientists For Labour Political Voice for Science
10. Labour Science Network Science in Political Activism
11. In Defence of Marxism Revolutionary Theory

Essays From Magazines

No. Title Author Publication
1. How to be an Anti-capitalist today ? Erik Olin Wright Jacobin Magazine
2. Why Class Matters ? Erik Olin Wright Jacobin Magazine
3. But atleast Capitalism is Free & Democratic, right ? Erik Olin Wright Jacobin Magazine
4. How to think about (and Win) Socialism Erik Olin Wright Jacobin Magazine
5. Marx and Democratization of Work Richard Wolff Roar Magazine

Science & Society

No. Title Author Field/About
1. Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function Anandi Mani Behavioral Economics
2. An Exploration of Scarcity in Historical Perspective George Leodakis Dominant Capitalism & Scarcity
3. Understanding Anarchism - Some Basics Paul Raekstad Anarchism
4. Marxism & Anarchism - Contradictions Gerald Meyer Marxism & Anarchism
5. Another side to the Marxism Vs Anarchism August H. Nimtz Marxism Vs Anarchism
6. Marxist Anarchist dialog - 2 way learning curve David Laibman Marxism & Anarchism
7. Red on Black - Marxist encounters Anarchism John. P. Pittman Marxism & Anarchism
8. Red On Black - a Symposium A.W. Zurbrugg Revisiting Marxism & Anarchism
9. Art Science & Globalization David Laibman Science & Art Dialectic
10. Bakunin & IWA A.W. Zurbrugg Bakunin & IWA - further comments
11. Capitalism Competition Conflict Crisis Bryce E.Parry Shaikh's Capitalism
12. Capitalism Crisis Renewal - conceptual excavations David Laibman Capitalism & Crisis Renewal
13. Class Capital, Global Unfree Market, Monopoly Capitalism, Unequal Exchange Bill Dunn Unequal Exchange & Monopoly Capitalism
14. Class Struggle & Unfree Labour, the Marxist road not taken Tom Brass Capitalists & Unfree Labour relations
15. Complex Labour Value & Reduction Problem Joseph Choonara Complex Labour & Reduction Problem
16. Immaterial Labour & Information Economy Kaan Kangal Rethinking Immaterial Labour
17. Immaterial Labour - Reply Sean Sayers Immaterial Labour : Reply
18. Contradictions of Capital & Mass Transit Stephanie, Sean Capital & Mass Transit contradictions, case study
19. Crises & Transformation of Capitalism Edurado, Alex Contemporary Analysis
20. Crisis Revolution, Hegemonic Transition, American Civil war Emancipation Lucia Pradella Part I: Marx's Investigation & Crisis Theory
21. Designing Socialism - Visions, Models Al Campbell Transcending Capitalism
22. Disposable Time, Freedom & Care Paul Leduc Browne Enclosing Time & Labour
23. Dual level theory of Labour & Value Creation Xiaoqin Ding & Pinyue Lu Dynamics of Labour Value
24. Envisoning Capitalism - Hegemonic Power of Ideas David Laibman Hegemony of Capitalism
25. From Aristotle to Marx - critical philosophy Anthropology Aaron Jaffe Anthropology
26. Goethe, Hegel, Marx Andy Blunden Philosophy
27. Gramsci & challenges for the Left Panagiotis Sotiris Rethink strategic challenges faced by left
28. Hegemony & Intervention Paul Blackledge Without succumbing into Hegemony
29. How not to write about Rate of Profit Alex & Joseph Response to David Harvey
30. Incentives & Consciousness Xiaoqin, Peihua, Xing Individual Social Relationship
31. Crique of Institutional Economics Nicolas Grinberg Critique of Institutions & Capitalist Development
32. Intersectinoality - Marxist Critical Observations Martha. E. Giminez Intersectionality
33. Intersectionality - a Young Scholar Responds Shana A. Russel Intersectionality
34. Is there such a thing as non-alienated Creatosphere Fusheng & Junshang Exploitation of Creative Class
35. Labour Power a peculiar Commodity Paddy Quick Women's hidden labour power
36. Marx & Human nature Karsten J. Struhl Human flourishing in Communist society
37. Marx & Mixed Economy: Money, Accumulation, Role of State Ann.E.Davis Extension of Marx Analysis on State
38. Marx - Calculus Time & Dialectics Russel Dale Marx notion of Dialectics
39. Mathematics & Dialectics in Marx - Reply Guglielmo Carchedi Math & Dialectics Reply
40. Marxism Class & Household Paddy Quick Women Labour, Household, Sex
41. Marxism - Crisis Theory + Early 21st Century William K. Tabb Crisis Theory
42. French Revolution & Spectre of Bourgeoisie Henry Heller French Revolution & Bourgeoisie
43. Materialist Dialectics & Biophysical Worlds Salvatore Dialectics
44. Modern Capitalism & Unfree Labour Tom Brass Capitalist Development & Employment of Unfree Labour
45. Neoliberalism - Rate of Profit & Rate of Accumulation Erdogan & Campbell Neoliberalism
46. Occupy Wall Street - strategy for spontaneous movement Jackie Disalvo Anarchist movement, Horizontalism
47. Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street John. L. Hammond Anarchism
48. Place of FOSS in Social Apparatus of Accumulation Daniel Ross FOSS & Social Accumulation
49. Primitive Accumulation & Enclosure of Commons Wilhelm Peekhaus Accumulation & Enclosure
50. Repudiation of Dialectics from Reason & Revolution to 1 dimensional thinking Marcial Gonzalez Dialectics - Society & Political practice
51. Societal Selection & Historical Materialism Luke Lattansi-silveus Selection, Historical Materialism
52. Commodity nature of Labour Power Guido & Gaston Labour power as Commodity
53. Exploitative Web - misuses of Marx in Critical Social Media Studies James Reveley Internet, Web, Social Media
54. stages_and_productive_forces.pdf Robin Hahnel Socialistic Production Stages
55. Social & Long Term Planning Marta Harnecker Shaping Social & Physical Environment
56. Participatory Economy David Laibman Participatory Economy
57. Reserve army of Labour in postwar US economy Deepankar Basu Reserve Army of Labour & Capitalism
58. World Economic Crisis & Transnational Corporations Jerry Harris Globalization, Transnatinoal Corporation, Crisis
59. Universal Labour & Future of Value Victoria & Vladimir Automation, Value
60. Political Economy of Bolivarian Coop Movement - Critique Thomas Purcell Cooperative Strategy
61. Workplace Democracy & Social Consciousness - Study Camila Pineiro Cooperatives
62. Are CEO's rewarded for Luck ? One's without principles are. Marianne Bertrand Behavioral Economics
63. Agents with & without principles Marianne Bertrand Behavioral Economics
64. Is there discretion in wage setting ? Marianne Bertrand Behavioral Economics
65. The Tragedy of Unmanaged Commons Garret Hardin Managing Commons

Action for Alternatives

We Stand on the shoulders of great thinkiers and revolutionaries who have boldly step out of normative and started asking questions (introspectively, retrospectively) to the society & status quo. It is the fundamental nature of Scientific Thinking. It is through them we learn : to stand together against oppressive forces, the concept of struggle, thereby the nature of dialectics involved. Their experiences, inferences, experiments, results are our history that exist for our learning - teaching us constantly what not to repeat and how to adapt strategies to suit the situation. It teaches us how, where and when to be flexible and rigid.

It is these revolutionaries who paved the way for us to walk and helped us “walk the talk”. They also have provided us powerful analytical and critical frameworks to “Observe” the world around us, to “See” the relationship networks between each one of us, and with the environment. Again we simply were standing upon the shoulders of such contributors and their contributions. It is their labour. We have to learn & remember what needs to be and apply them when needs to be. We have to unlearn what needs to be when it needs to be.

Scarcity - Why Having Too Little Means So Much ?

No. Title Author
1. Building Alternatives - The story of India's Oldest Construction Workers' Cooperative Thomas Issac & Michelle Williams
2. Better Work Together - How the power of community can transform your business Anthony, Susan, Enspiral Foundation

Shared Roots of Trade Union & Coop Movement

Trade unions and cooperatives both emerged in Britain during the industrial revolution as ordinary people were seeking ways to get a fair share of the wealth created by new technologies. The two movements aimed to address inequality by creating a democratic counter-economy of mutual self-help that has continued expanding to every corner of the world. Learn more.

To clear out the confusion of janus-faced views and critics on worker cooperatives from classical-marxists, one need to understand their skepticism and its roots. Without it and only with shallow understanding on just the criticism, avoiding reason will create a confirmational bias about worker/producer cooperative model of labour organization which might mostly ignore the necessary guidelines that can be practiced to save worker cooperatives from slippling to individual coops becoming part of capitalism. This paper Resolving Class, Worker cooperatives janus faced interpretation, helps in culling out the confusion and unnecessary fight between members of cooperatives and between cooperatives and other forms of labour organization. We need to accept that no model is perfect and invincible. They are prone to errors and structural weakness in reality. Only from historical criticism, case studies, philosophical underpinnings, we can able to correct those mistakes and take care of decisions that does not compromise wider political goals, for which it was invoked in first place.

Gig & Cycle of Poverty

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