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To have a legal status for a cooperative is a vital part of its operation. If the coop is bounded as operational coop it can register as an organization of partners with a cooperative deed that frames its operational, management and administrative structure. This shall be adhered until the organization is recognized as a legal coop. However, the procedure for bootstrapping a cooperative in Science & Technology field is literally not possible with current legal and economic framework. Thus we have followed up to register the cooperative as a LLP, covered by a deed following the Cooperative principles and democratically chosen rules as guidelines. This would necessarily enforce the LLP as operational coop.

We literally try to convey the procedure we had undergone to register the LLP in India. Registering as LLP comes under the control of Ministry of Coporate Affairs, India. This may sound ironic from a cooperative perspective. This could be seen as a temporary measure only - until there is proper legal support for Science & Tech. coops in India from the government.

LLP deed template -

LLP information from ICAI -


We try to elucidate the procedure in terms of block diagram to reduce the slack and properly guide the newcomers without any confusion. We shall try to understand the procedure of registration in a phased manner.

Phase 1

The first phase consists of getting digital signature. Why ?

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