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To know more about me, visit : (or) visit : (i am proud about this self hosted portal)

DOB 31/10/1987
Phone 9751081150
Emergency contact 9444665389, 0416-2256389 (Home)
Blood Group B+ve
Internet Handles smith_ai, cosmo_bird
Address Care of : Maitre, No.56, Laporte Street, MG Road, Puducherry


Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Participating in Management, Legal Procedures
  2. UX/UI Design
  3. GIS systems
  4. Measurement, Instrumentation, Communication systems
  5. Complex Systems & Networks


  1. Independent Research
  2. Geospatial Information Systems + Remote Sensing
  3. Mapping, Cartography
  4. Electronics, Instrumentation
  5. Drawing, Designing, Interaction
  6. Systems Integration
  7. Complexity & Network Theory
  8. Agent Based Modelling
  9. Networked Systems (not restricted to computer networks)
  10. Spectroscopy
  11. Progressive Network of Things


  1. Playing Carom / Scotland Yard / Commonspoly
  2. Watching Movies
  3. Reading Books
  4. Writing, Drawing
  5. Cooking
  6. Solving Rubik's Cube
  7. Amateur Radio, Astronomy
  8. Citizen Science

I have a deadly behaviour of random short temper. Great battle lies within.


  1. Grassroot issues
  2. Policy impact studies
  3. Socio-Technical political communities
  4. Coastal Commons
  5. Collective Civic Research & Action

Year Planner/Scheduler

No. Type Plan Description Ideation Status
1. Systems Architecture uauto/transfed Social Transport System - STS 2018 onwards Working
2. UX Contribution - STS uauto/transfed Social Transport System mobile app 2018 onwards Working
3. UX Contribution - Health Care Post Pregnancy Healthcare awareness delivery & Coordination Service 2018 - 2019 Working
4. Learning DHIS Learning architecture, and how to develop app based on DHSI2 for both mobile & web 2019 onwards Not yet
5. Dev, UX Design - Environment Clairvoyant AR application based on OSM & urban commons enclosure 2018 onwards Not yet
6. Dev, UX Design - Minutes Free Minute Android app for Minutes of the meeting 2019 onwards Not yet
7. UX Contribution GNU Cash mgmt GNU Cash requires good UX in android 2019 onwards Not yet
8. Dev, UX Design - Science XClipse A Visualization & Exploration web based desktop app for Lunar Eclipses 2017 onwards Pending
9. Dev, UX Design - Game Commons Poly A Gdevelop based better game alternative over monopoly to communicate importance of coop 2019 onwards Not yet
10. UX Contribution - Science Cheminfo A application for Cheminformatics 2019 onwards Not yet
11. Dev, UX Design - Science TSTS Thematics, Spatial, Temportal System for Visualization, … (ex: historical atlas) 2019 onwards Working
12. UX - Contribution Mapathon Mapathon web application to make people participate in competitive contribution for OSM 2018 onwards Pending
13. UX - Contribution Ludus A Community management tool for communities 2018 onwards Pending
14. Design - Linguistics Tamil Vernacular Font design for vernacular math 2018 onwards Working
15. Dev, UX - Contribution Open HAB Open Home Automation 2018 onwards Not Yet
16. Dev, Design GIS apps for researchers, scholars QGIS, Web GIS, Mobile GIS GIS/RS 2018 onwards Working
17. Vala based App Design & Dev. Vala, Elementary design guide Vala App 2019 onwards Not yet
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