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Business Terms & Concepts


  1. Share - Money value of an individual's ownership in an organisation
  2. Pvt Ltd - Private Limited Company
  3. Registrar - Authority under Ministry of Corporate Affairs to register, close, monitor businesses
  4. Artifical Legal Entity - An organization that is treated as an artificial person, allowing it to own assets and enter into contracts in its own name.

Revenue Generation

Revenue generation is vital for continuous and stable operation for a cooperative that aspires to boot from scratch. Without any availability of productive infrastructure, the cooperative tends to fall into support and production loop. Capital management and thus required financial instrument to create flow of finance funding the labour for necessary production becomes necessary - to provide the economic incentive for the members of cooperative. This ensures encouragement and commitment to the projects committed by the organization. Following models might be used to create initial support flow.

  1. Donations
  2. Crowd Sourcing
  3. State Funding
  4. Co-Budgeting

Choosing from these options are based the cooperative decision. Some models might not fit into philosophies, principles or goals of the cooperative.

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