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 +====== Balaji ======
 +I am a Developer and always have my Love for Freedom. I believe that **Knowledge Should be Free** and must be accessible to all, <​del>​Reforming</​del>​ Revolutionizing the current **Social, Political** and **Economic** Conditions. I love Reading Books and have some Collections so far, which I love talking to someone about it always. I spend most of the time Volunteering for **[[https://​ | Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu (FSFTN)]]**,​ learning, collectivizing,​ organizing people to join us in the path to Knowledge Freedom. Love to Draw a series of Comics but always fail either at the beginning or at the half-way :-/
 +When we meet, I would love to have a Cup of Tea :-D
 +^ Email        | <​> ​         |
 +^ Scribblings ​ | https://​ |
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