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   * [[https://​uxdesign.cc/​development-fundamentals-for-ux-designers-caf759724874|Developer & Designer Collaboration]]   * [[https://​uxdesign.cc/​development-fundamentals-for-ux-designers-caf759724874|Developer & Designer Collaboration]]
   * [[https://​medium.com/​swlh/​here-is-how-ux-design-integrates-with-agile-and-scrum-4f3cf8c10e24|How to UX integrate with Agile & Scrum]]   * [[https://​medium.com/​swlh/​here-is-how-ux-design-integrates-with-agile-and-scrum-4f3cf8c10e24|How to UX integrate with Agile & Scrum]]
 +===== Kanban =====
 +Rising issues, solving them, and phasing a project from one stage to the other (apt and widely followed stages) all using git for digital projects (almost anything that is based on information,​ programming,​ collaboration). This can be useful for the coop, to manage projects with varying degree of collaboration,​ with suitable quality check.
 +  * [[https://​activecollab.com/​project-management-guides/​kanban-ebook|Why Kanban is required for Collaboration ? How is it useful ?]]