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One of the private company of ApsiLabs builds infrastructure based on a central management point for users, machines, volume shares, permissions, and other resources.

Members Involved

Project Management

In short, this project will help us learn the process of LDAP installation, Samba, Active Directory Domain Controler. How to build infrastructure based on central management point for users.


* Skill = Tool + Practice + Patience + Perseverance + Innovative Critical Thinking

No. Skill Members Self Assessed Level
1. Ubuntu Server Installation Mr.Ragulkanth
Mr.Manimaran * * *
2. LDAP Installation Mr.Manimaran * * * *
3. Samba - Active Directory Setup Mr.Prasanna
Mr.Manimaran * * *
4. Samba - User & Group Creation Mr.Prasanna
Mr.Manimaran * * * *


  1. Ubuntu server installation
  2. LDAP setup and Configuration

Technical How-To's


We install and set up the LDAP in our own system all are done. Then going to Apsi labs in Channai all the setup are doing but, it is not good setup. After that we analyse about the exact need then go for samba active directory domain controller. It is good tool for their requirement. Then we setup and practice about this tool all are done then again going to Chennai for setup this samba AD DC. At last we setup , configuration, user and group creation done with Apsi labs server machine. Finally we explain about this setup and documents are shared with Mr.Sundhar [Apsi Labs Admin].


  • LDAP is not a proper tool for this system
  • Play with Samba Active Directory

What We Learn

  • LDAP installation
  • Active Directory Concept
  • Centralized user management system how works and how to make.

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