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 +===== Coopathon 2018 =====
 +**Coopon has bagged 3rd Prize in a hackathon organized at [[https://​​|International Conference on Cooperatives in the Changing World of Work]].**
 +{{ ::​prize_ceremoy.jpg?​500 }}
 +{{ youtube>​C3c4vMjkEs4?​large }}
 +On April 29, 30 and May 1,2018 we took part in the **International Conference on Co-operatives in the Changing World of Work** which also hosted a **Coopathon** (Cooperative Hackathon) for the first 2 days. The event took place at Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, Kerala.
 +The idea of the Coopathon is to pick a particular contemporary problem and integrate Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and to come up with a sustainable solution with a co-operative model. We chose our focus area as **Improving access to the basic goods and services** and pitched the **uauto** model as an alternative to privatized, monopoly transport aggregation services.
 +We also demonstrated the capability of our Android client which can load OSM offline, route offline and do geocoding & reverse-geocoding offline too. We have been awarded **3rd prize** with **Rs. 10,000/-**.
 +{{ :​ccww18_pras_selfie.jpg?​500 }}
 +Following is the list of members who participated in the Coopathon and Conference,
 +  * Manimaran
 +  * Maniraj
 +  * Prasanna Venkadesh
 +  * Ragulkanth
 +  * Ganesh
 +  * Kamalavelan
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